Monday, January 29, 2007

And the crashing begins!

Tomorrow is a big day for Bill Gates and everyone at Microsoft. The new Windows operating system, Vista, officially launches after five years of production. I was able to mess around with a beta of Vista and was indeed wowed by the new, sharp graphical interface and simplified menus and navigation. However, whether it was common beta issues or not, I've never experienced more crashing and blue screens in my life.

I've heard that in order to really run Vista smoothly without too much chug-a-lugging, you should optimally have a dual core system with 2GB of RAM and a sweet graphics card. I have a feeling that a lot of consumers will take the plunge and be disappointed when their 2 year-old system (already way obsolete - how depressing!) can't perform.

After all the negativity though, I have my copy on order from Dell (I was eligible for a free upgrade for buying a new laptop a few months ago). I'm looking forward to installing it once some of the kinks are out - which should be next year or so? :)

Vista all about the 'Wow'


Meredith Cochie said...

My boyfriend is a Windows test driver - so he tried Vista a little over a year ago - and said the interface is lovely - but the actual (and mind you - I know nothing about technical computer words) system runs a tad slow (and slow for him is really fast for me) and that it still has lots of kinks as well.

Cool for you to get the free upgrade!

Michael Kung said...

I think Vista is going to be decent although not that great. It will definitely help out normal users, especially with the enhanced security (although the arguments with antivirus/internet security companies have started).

It's great that you can get a free upgrade! I wish I could get a new computer now, but there's nothing wrong with my current one. However, I think I want to wait for the quad-core processors to be mass produced before getting really considering.