Friday, January 19, 2007

iPhone gripes

I've noticed on a couple respected tech blogs recently that some reviewers have been underwhelmed by Apple's new iPhone (to be released in June 2007). While no one can deny how gorgeous and yummy it looks, it seems to lack some serious features that you would imagine a $599 phone would have. No keyboard? No Exchange/Office support? No expandable memory? No removable battery?

"And the reality slowly sets in about what the iPhone is and is not. Noted analyst and Engadget pal Michael Gartenberg stated that the iPhone is first party software ONLY -- i.e. not a smartphone by conventional terms, being that a smartphone is a platform device that allows software to be installed."

While I see how the iPhone may be a step in the right direction for cell phone design and innovation, the price and necessary 2-year agreement with Cingular (the only provider as of now) doesn't intice me one bit. I'll be interested to see when the price falls and other manufacturers start selling imitations.

It's also a hard to use cell phone
The iPhone is not a smartphone


Shane H. said...

I was really curious about the iPhone right up until I read the "C" word, Cingular. Too bad Apple had to ruin a somewhat good thing with that partnership.

Besides my disdain for Cingular the iPhone does have many gripe-able issues. No third party apps, no thanks. No removable battery, we know what happens to iPod batteries. And, what happens when the touchpad screen fails? How long would that put us out of a phone for? For all its glamour the iPhone is an iThink Not.

Michael Kung said...

Hi! I like the color scheme of your blog. It's nice and clean and easy to read.

I think Apple should have considered a lot of these missing features, but it's probably trying to be unique as well as save in production costs. Too bad - I think the iPhone would have had a lot of potential.

- Michael

Glenn Richards said...

I covet the iPhone. As a current Treo user, I was a little concerned about the iPhone's lack of a "real" keyboard, but I'm more concerned about the Cingular arrangement. I would love to get the iPhone, but will pass for now.

Besides, I usually like to wait on the sidelines until the kinks get worked out, but I think the technology looks tremendous ... a wide-screen iPod? How cool is that?!

Oh, and I like your blog's color scheme as well.

SONIA said...

I really like your blog! The name is especially charming.

As far as the Apple iPhone, I think the price is ridiculous and as far as Cingular, with all the service problems they've had latelty, not a very smart choice.

Sometimes technology strives more for shallow asthetic features while forgetting the important stuff. I think this phone is nothing but another piece of eye candy.