Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Linking in

Finally, a MySpace for professionals. LinkedIn is a great networking tool for all of us getting ready to finally leave school and make a real paycheck. I first heard about this site during a marketing seminar I recently attended and it appears this site draws many professionals from the communications and public relations industries.

LinkedIn is much more discriminating than MySpace in that you won't find any 12 year-old Justin Timberlake fans or annoying spammers here. In order to link to another colleague, you not only have to get their permission, but also have to input their email address even before the invitation is sent to them. I found this a tad frustrating at first since I don't keep everyone's emails at hand, but now that I think about it - think it's a nice safeguard and effective way to keep the site legit and truly professional.

The real benefit is that once you start linking to others, you increase your network- reminiscent of the whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's a very interesting concept, and free for the basic, no frills membership. I think it's pretty cool to see which people your people know through their people :)

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