Monday, March 19, 2007

A movie lover's friend

I love going to the movie theater - nothing beats a bag of yummy, buttery popcorn, a large diet coke and a great flick. However, these days I am a little more reluctant to go see a movie based on its trailer or what the local newspaper said. There is one source on the internet that I completely trust to give me the real scoop when it comes to motion pictures, Rotten Tomatoes. The site rates each film from 1-100, with a score of 50+ being "fresh" and a score of less than 50 being "rotten." The site compiles reviews from all over the country and averages them into this overall score. I enjoy reading snippets of the reviews and have found that the site is dead on accurate. If a movie I've been wanting to see scores a 34, but I just had to see it anyways - I always regret not listening to the Tomato.


SONIA said...

Ha ha. Listen to the tomato. I look forward to your blog every week. They are always funny, entertaining and quite resourceful. I'll be sure to check out what the Tomato has to say next time I'm in the market for a goof movie :)

SONIA said...

that would be GOOD not GOOF!